conversation before killing

Words are the weapons of change

For 25 years we’ve been told by Labour politicians, Conservative politicians and Liberal Democrats as well as Bush (twice) and Obama, that in order to make the world a safer place we MUST fight those that seek to impose their beliefs on others.

How safe do you feel? Whether your American, Syrian, French or British; Muslim or Atheist; Left, Right or Centre, do you feel safe? 

Maybe it’s time to consider that nuclear weapons, drones, airstrikes and ‘boots-on-the-ground’ aren’t helping to make any country more secure. Maybe now is the time that we favour discussion over aggression; that we choose conversation over murder.

Aggression invites aggression. Peace invites peace. Let’s change our international and military policies.

I’m not asking you to vote for one politician, one policy, or even one petition. I’m asking that you take time to consider all of our country’s press and politics. Look closely at everything we are saying as a nation and decide for yourself if you think it’s encouraging peace or inciting war.

Every man, woman and child bombed or shot in the name of peace is a tragedy. Ask yourself, what could I do to stop this escalating for another 25 years?

A good place to start is here.

If nothing else you might find an answer to the question, why is this happening?

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